May 2009

Menu Thread for Week Ending 05/29/2009

From the chatroom 05/27/2009:

11:14:30 Bob: menu for the weekend?
11:15:03 Verna: haven't thought about it
11:15:06 Verna: what do you have in mind
11:15:09 Bob: egg noodles and stroganoff or beef burgundy
11:15:19 Verna: ok
11:15:38 Bob: sear up pork tenderloin
11:16:03 Bob: medallions or something with jack daniels sauce
11:31:51 Verna: ok on both
11:32:11 Bob: ok goodie

Saturday: Grilled pork tenderloin with Jack Daniels sauce, acorn squash, candy apple carrots and braised bacony Brussels sprouts. Good stuff.


Sunday: Beef Stroganoff over egg noodles.


Menu Thread for Memorial Day Weekend

From the chatroom 05/22/2009:

10:55:21 Verna: memorial day kicks off the summer
10:55:38 Verna: so whats say we have burgers and franks
10:55:44 Bob: bbq season
10:55:55 Bob: we got a head start this week
10:55:57 Verna: burgers one day franks and brats the other
10:56:07 Bob: sounds good to me
10:56:14 Bob: tater salad
10:56:20 Bob: pasta salad
10:56:37 Bob: corn on the cob
10:58:08 Verna: and the all important beans'
10:58:22 Verna: or maybe ribs oh oh
10:58:26 Bob: we're cookin' now
10:58:36 Bob: ribs - we got 'em
10:58:47 Bob: instead of burgers?
10:59:47 Bob: grilled veggies
11:02:13 Bob: we can cook all three days this weekend
11:02:28 Bob: ribs burgers AND brats/dogs
11:03:04 Verna: ahhh yes
11:03:44 Bob: bar bee cue me and you
11:03:56 Verna: ok

Saturday – Brats and Dogs with Pasta Salad – magnificent!


Sunday – Havarti Cheeseburgers with ‘tater salad – outstanding!


Memorial Day – Barbecued baby back pork ribs with grilled asparagus, corn on the cob and the all-important beans!


Food Favorites for NRA Road Trip

We’ll post food stuff here if we have a chance while we’re at the NRA Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

No food pix this time, but we did get this picture of R. Lee “Gunny” Ermey in the Glock exhibit while at the NRA Convention. The lineup for autographs was over a half-hour wait.


Menu Thread for Mothers Day Weekend

Chatroom 05/06/2009:

15:48:04 Bob: what's for food this mothers day weekend?
15:49:14 Verna: dunno what sounds good
15:49:29 Verna: lemon chicken over rice?
15:49:47 Bob: lemon chix sounds good
15:50:10 Verna: chix padulese
15:50:26 Bob: ahhh i love that
15:51:03 Verna: both easy and fast
15:51:19 Verna: thats chix chix
15:51:43 Bob: we have lots of chix
15:52:08 Verna: ok good for me easy
15:52:32 Bob: yep sounds good

Saturday: Lemon Chicken and stir-fry veggies over sticky rice.


Mothers Day: Chicken alle Padulese with Marinara and Pasta. YUM!