Menu Thread for Week Ending 05/29/2009

From the chatroom 05/27/2009:

11:14:30 Bob: menu for the weekend?
11:15:03 Verna: haven't thought about it
11:15:06 Verna: what do you have in mind
11:15:09 Bob: egg noodles and stroganoff or beef burgundy
11:15:19 Verna: ok
11:15:38 Bob: sear up pork tenderloin
11:16:03 Bob: medallions or something with jack daniels sauce
11:31:51 Verna: ok on both
11:32:11 Bob: ok goodie

Saturday: Grilled pork tenderloin with Jack Daniels sauce, acorn squash, candy apple carrots and braised bacony Brussels sprouts. Good stuff.


Sunday: Beef Stroganoff over egg noodles.