April 2009

Menu Thread for Week Ending 05/01/2009

From the Chatroom 04/29/2009:
13:33:53 Verna: cinco de mayo food this weekend
13:34:21 Bob: didn't think of that
13:35:00 Verna: soooo yellow chicken or shredded beef tostadas or soft tacos
13:35:28 Bob: crazy yellow - ok
13:37:39 Bob: stuffed pork loin chops the other day

Saturday: Stuffed pork loin chops with braised cabbage, acorn squash and sauteed mushroom caps.


Sunday: Crazy Yellow Chicken with pinto beans and Mexican rice.


Menu Thread for Week Ending 04/24/2009

Chinese food and steaks have been mentioned.

Saturday: Orange pork lo mein and stir fry


Sunday: BBQ Tenderloin steak, grilled corn on the cob and steamed artichoke with Sam Adams and KJ Chardonnay. Outstanding!


Menu Thread for Week Ending 04/17/2009

Discussion form 4/17/2009:

Use the last of the leftover Easter ham to make a batch of split pea and ham soup.

Chatroom 4/15/2009:

09:57:24 Verna: artichoke spinach ricotta cheese stuffed shells
09:57:51 Bob: i like the way that sounds

Saturday: Spinach/artichoke/asparagus/ricotta stuffed pasta shells and breast of chicken cutlet topped with red sauce.


Sunday: Pea soup with carrots and potatoes served with toasted extra-sourdough rye.