May 22, 2009

Menu Thread for Memorial Day Weekend

From the chatroom 05/22/2009:

10:55:21 Verna: memorial day kicks off the summer
10:55:38 Verna: so whats say we have burgers and franks
10:55:44 Bob: bbq season
10:55:55 Bob: we got a head start this week
10:55:57 Verna: burgers one day franks and brats the other
10:56:07 Bob: sounds good to me
10:56:14 Bob: tater salad
10:56:20 Bob: pasta salad
10:56:37 Bob: corn on the cob
10:58:08 Verna: and the all important beans'
10:58:22 Verna: or maybe ribs oh oh
10:58:26 Bob: we're cookin' now
10:58:36 Bob: ribs - we got 'em
10:58:47 Bob: instead of burgers?
10:59:47 Bob: grilled veggies
11:02:13 Bob: we can cook all three days this weekend
11:02:28 Bob: ribs burgers AND brats/dogs
11:03:04 Verna: ahhh yes
11:03:44 Bob: bar bee cue me and you
11:03:56 Verna: ok

Saturday – Brats and Dogs with Pasta Salad – magnificent!


Sunday – Havarti Cheeseburgers with ‘tater salad – outstanding!


Memorial Day – Barbecued baby back pork ribs with grilled asparagus, corn on the cob and the all-important beans!