Menu Thread for Week Ending 08/21/2009

From the chatroom 08/19/2009:

11:50:32 Verna: any ideas for food this weekend
11:50:59 Bob: didn't think about it yet
11:51:23 Verna: ok
11:51:27 Bob: jambalayah
11:51:43 Bob: lotsa sausages
11:51:52 Bob: have chix
11:51:59 Bob: dunno about shrimp

Verna also found a Del Conte’s Garlic Bread recipe. Garlic bread would go well with Chicken Cacciatore, we decided.

We also decided that we could have another steak weekend since jambalaya is more for cool weather.

Saturday: Chicken Cacciatore with Del Conte’s Cheese bread.


Sunday: Grilled Porterhouse steak with spinach blue cheese salad and roasted tater spears.