July 2009

Summer Vacation Food

July 23rd:

Grilled beef tenderloin steaks and iceberg lettuce with blue cheese dressing.


July 24th:

Steak Salad


July 27th:

Grilled pork loin chops with cinnamon butternut squash and cheddar mac.


Menu Thread for Week Ending 07/17/2009

Outdoor or crockpot cooking due to warm weather . . .

Chatroom (07/16/2009):

10:04:13 Bob: food for the weekend
10:06:18 Verna: yeah what you thinking
10:06:52 Bob: warm weather crockpot or outdoor cooking
10:08:16 Bob: thick steak
10:08:29 Bob: bbq pork chops
10:08:37 Verna: ha yeah
10:08:42 Verna: burger
10:08:43 Bob: you mentioned hamburgers
10:08:50 Bob: ha
10:09:07 Verna: sweet and sour pork
10:09:12 Bob: pork tenderloin
10:09:23 Bob: sweet/sour - yeah
10:09:43 Bob: crazy yellow chix
10:10:24 Bob: beef tenderloin steaks
10:10:39 Bob: pick 2
10:11:07 Verna: burgers - sweet and sour pork

Saturday: Delicious char-broiled Swiss Burgers with grilled asparagus.


Sunday: Sweet and sour pork stew over saffron rice.