March 2009

Menu Thread for Week Ending 03/27/2009

Let’s make something with chicken or pork. Or both (one per day).

Saturday: Grilled pork chops with braised cabbage, corn-on-the-cob, apple compoté and grilled fresh pineapple.


Sunday: Crockpot chicken, Portuguese style, with three-cheese biscuits.


Menu Thread for Week Ending 03/20/2009

First day of Spring weekend!

From the chatroom 03/19/2009:

10:44:10 Verna: remember that T bone from last week?
10:44:17 Bob: yes
10:44:23 Bob: the thick one
10:44:34 Verna: how about BBQ T bone and mac and cheese and maybe a salad
10:44:51 Bob: yum
10:59:29 Verna: and the next day well have some kinda hearty soup (rain)
10:59:51 Bob: OK sounds like a plan
11:11:25 Bob: split pea and andouille soup
11:12:09 Bob: puckernickel bread
11:13:07 Verna: OK works for me

Saturday: Here’s the steak on the BBQ. We had it with the Mac and Cheese plus a zucchini tomato dish.


Sunday: Baked potato soup (no photo available).

Menu Thread for Week Ending 03/13/2009

Ides of March and St. Patrick’s Day this week.

We have left over pulled pork so BBQ sandwiches on Saturday seems like a good idea. On Sunday, we picked up a corned beef brisket to prepare an Irish meal.

Saturday: Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches. This is an old picture. We didn’t actually have the pineapple and Cole slaw. Next time we will again.


Sunday: Corned beef and cabbage with parsnips, carrots, onions and potatoes.


Menu Thread for Week Ending 03/06/2009

How about a rolled-up chicken entreé for next weekend? Like chicken Kiev or something. Maybe that one with the asparagus spear rolled up . . .

And then the topic of Mexican Food came up on Wednesday . . .


Something Carnitas!

Saturday: Soft tacos filled with pork, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese with Spanish rice and refried beans.


Sunday: Gourmet asparagus bacon cheese-stuffed breast of chicken and zucchini stew.