January 2009

Menu Thread for Week Ending 2/6/2009

Since the Chinese vegetables in the supermarket looked so good yesterday, a steamed chicken dinner is planned.

One of the days will be rainy, so a good hearty soup is also planned. Verna mentioned Jambalaya!

Saturday: Jambalaya over a scoop of rice.


Sunday: Chinese-style steamed chicken and veggies with saffron rice.

Chinese Steamed Dinner

Menu Thread for Week Ending 1/23/2009

Discussed Chicken Parmesan using skim milk and egg whites in the coating. On the side, egg noodles and something green like broccoli, Brussels sprouts or braised cabbage.

We also decided that chili would be a good thing for the Sunday meal.

Saturday: Chicken Romano served on pasta primavera topped with Verna’s famous Marinara Sauce! Damn! this was good!


Sunday: Homemade Chili and Cornbread (no photo available).

Menu Thread for Week Ending 1/16/2009

Let the discussions begin . . .

Verna saw a braised pork recipe on the Food Channel, and I thought something southwestern would be good.

Saturday: Braised pork loin chops with stew vegetables.


Sunday: Shredded beef tacostadas (not a taco and not a tostada).


Menu Thread for Week Ending 1/9/2009

12:45:10 Verna: ok whats gonna be on the menu
12:45:32 Bob: something on the grill
12:45:45 Bob: pork loin
12:45:52 Bob: bbq chix
12:46:11 Verna: ok

Saturday: BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and rice/veggie medley.

BBQ Chix

Sunday: Pork tenderloin medallions, acorn squash, braised cabbage and veggie pasta salad.


Sunday Bonus Breakfast: Spinach ham and avocado omelet, sausage links and hash brown ‘taters.


Menu Thread for Week Ending 1/2/2009

Lookout Studio at Grand Canyon South Rim:


We had quite the winter adventure over the holidays. No food pictures available, but we ate pretty good on the road.

No pictures available for either of the following entries.

Saturday: Pasta with mozzarella-stuffed turkey meatballs.

Sunday: Romaine lettuce salad with hearty 15-bean soup.