Menu Thread for Week ending 12/12

Saturday: Emeril’s burger recipe and broccoli chowder.


Sunday: Mustard-glazed pork loin chops with apple compoté and broccoli-cheddar rotini pasta.


From the chatroom 12/08:

11:22:42 Verna: ha OK here's what we are having next week: hamburgers
11:22:55 Verna: Emeril makes his outta chuck
11:23:14 Bob: hamburgers good
11:23:17 Verna: renders bacon adds onions cooks
11:23:33 Verna: garlic also
11:23:45 Bob: OK
11:23:53 Verna: then adds to cubed chuck adds Worcestershire sauce
11:24:17 Bob: sounding pretty good to me
11:24:49 Verna: lets it marinate awhile then grinds the meat with everything added
11:25:38 Bob: whoa sounds pretty interesting
11:26:04 Verna: that way everything added already
11:26:29 Bob: sounds like a good way to do it
11:26:57 Verna: ours is simple and tasty but they don't always have brisket

From the chatroom – 12/10:

10:37:02 Verna: just printed: pork chops w/golden apple and raisin sauce w/ whole wheat mac n cheese
10:37:16 Verna: rachel ray and it looked great
10:37:38 Bob: ok i like it
10:37:45 Bob: that and the burgers ok?
10:38:43 Verna: ok emerils burgers?
10:38:53 Bob: yes
10:39:37 Verna: ok thats it