July 2, 2008

Menu Thread for Week Ending 7/4

From the on-line Chat:

10:49:32 Laptop: food ideas for july 4th weekend
10:49:52 Verna: ok
10:50:07 Laptop: crazy yellow chicken pinto beans corn on cob and rice
10:50:42 Laptop: pork tenderloin medalions
10:50:53 Laptop: with jack daniels sauce
10:51:14 Laptop: brussels sprouts braised
10:51:22 Laptop: and red taters
10:54:00 Laptop: meat loaf on the grill with carrots and okra

“Laptop” is the name I use when logged into the chatroom from the laborotory.

Friday BBQ – Pork spare ribs with squash medley and corn on the cob.


Saturday – Roasted pork tenderloin with grilled pineapple slices, glazed carrots, baked sweet potatoes and savory Brussels sprouts with pancetta.


Sunday – Crazy Yellow Chicken with tortillas, beans and rice.