June 2008

Menu Thread for Week Ending 6/27

Proposed roast beef Saturday and shredded beef empanadas Sunday, from the leftover roast.


Saturday, cooked roast and root veggies in the big crockpot. No picture available.

Sunday, empanadas were wonderful.


Menu Thread for Week Ending 6/20

By next weekend, there will be enough mature green beans in the garden for the CHICKEN FRIED STEAK SPECIAL!


Also mentioned – Chicken Milanese – but we decided to postpone that in favor of BBQ pork chops with corn cobettes and asparagus with a fresh pineapple ring.


Oh, and then there was Sunday breakfast . . .


Menu Thread for Week Ending 6/7

15:24:39 Verna: ok this is what i’m thinking
15:25:00 Bob: ok
15:25:01 Verna: jambalaya one day and pasta e fajoule
15:25:27 Verna: we havent had either in a long time
15:25:39 Bob: ok sounds quick and easy
15:25:50 Bob: both sound pretty good
15:25:58 Verna: we have pancetta and andouilli
15:26:06 Bob: yup
15:26:16 Verna: im thinking crock pot both
15:26:48 Bob: yes that will work

Both meals were served on the patio.
Saturday’s Pasta e Fajioli . . .

Sunday’s Jambalaya . . .