September 18, 2009

Menu Thread for Week Ending 09/18/2009

10:28:41 Verna: what ya want for food this weekend
10:28:50 Verna: gonna be hot
10:28:55 Bob: food lemme think
10:29:41 Bob: pulled pork sammiches with cole slaw
10:30:34 Verna: we have a butt in back?
10:31:01 Bob: or we can use loin
10:31:10 Bob: not sure whats there
10:32:33 Bob: stuffed pasta shells
10:32:59 Verna: also can use pork chops
10:33:16 Bob: steamed chix chinese-style
10:33:22 Bob: yes we can
10:34:07 Verna: steamed chix
10:34:19 Bob: yes

Saturday: Pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and pickle spears.


Sunday: Chinese-style steamed chicken breast with leafy veggies, saffron rice and a Tsingtao beer.


Bonus: Sunday Breakfast . . .