Menu Thread for Week Ending 6/7

15:24:39 Verna: ok this is what i’m thinking
15:25:00 Bob: ok
15:25:01 Verna: jambalaya one day and pasta e fajoule
15:25:27 Verna: we havent had either in a long time
15:25:39 Bob: ok sounds quick and easy
15:25:50 Bob: both sound pretty good
15:25:58 Verna: we have pancetta and andouilli
15:26:06 Bob: yup
15:26:16 Verna: im thinking crock pot both
15:26:48 Bob: yes that will work

Both meals were served on the patio.
Saturday’s Pasta e Fajioli . . .

Sunday’s Jambalaya . . .